War, Education and the Immigrants Museum in Argentina

Our latest Blog in our series Museums and Education by Alcira Antonia Cufré, multiple award winner writer. “They hide the pain of humanity or its work left by their passage on this world. The Immigrants Museum of the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina, was built in its port and housed thousands of desperate immigrants who arrived during the great World Wars…”

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Our very own London Tour Guide!

Maggie Hawkes joins the elephant Minds team, what a treat! With vast experience in the travel industry and having lived in the city for many years, Maggie has a wealth of knowledge in everything in and around LONDON. In the most fascinating, historic and cosmopolitan city in the world; museums, art galleries, pubs, cafes, restaurants, auction houses, markets, historic manors, parks, shops, and much more. You name it, she’ll take you there and tell you all about it. If you are taking part in any one of our Language Programmes, Teacher Training Courses, Skills Development, or simply visiting the country do get in touch and book a tour with us. History, culture, traditions, cuisine, fashion, trends…we’ll share it all. This is Maggie’s story

Some of our Tours in London

Elephant Minds Foundation welcomes Yohei Ohashi

We are delighted to have Yohei Ohashi as part of the Team supporting the work of The Elephant Minds Foundation around the world. We are grateful for anyone who generously works for those whose challenging circumstances limit their Education and career prospects. This is Yohei’s story in Japan and in England

The Origins of Language, by Patricia C Prada Jimenez

We speak about an estimated seven thousand different languages ​​around the world, though it is thought that about half of them* also have a written form, is the origin of language still a great mystery?
Over time, archaeologists, anthropologists and linguists have attempted to answer these questions but many of these issues are still waiting to be fully explained. The controversy on this subject has been so heated that during the nineteenth century…

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Surprise…elephants on the beach!

An unexpected treat this weekend on my visit to Brighton, I am delighted! After a relaxing stroll along the sunny pebbled beach and a visit to the iconic Pier…not only did I find these stunning elephants but I also met the very talented artist, Kevin Hayler. He kindly took the time to explain what inspires him, his experience and adventures around the world, and especially his encounters with elephants in Asia and Africa. We talked about our shared passion for wildlife and my personal interest in elephants and elephant Minds…

I marvelled at many of his prints; jaguars, giraffes, lions, meerkats, crocodiles, and so many other gorgeous animals. I finally left with this one delightful mum and calf.

This is what he has to say about it: “A visit to the Elephant Orphanage is one of the best things to do in Sri Lanka. I don’t know how many Jumbos there are, 40 or so I’d guess. It’s great fun and you can follow them down to the river and watch them bathe. I took a series of bad photos as usual but never mind I had all the info I needed. I drew Mum from one photo and her calf from another. I raised the youngster’s trunk to add intimacy to the scene and finished by giving Mum a flapping ear.”

I invite you to see more of his beautiful work on his personal website. If you wish to learn a little more about elephants and our own elephant Minds story do read this.


By Patricia C Prada Jimenez

What advice would you give…?

See what our students have to say:

Sophie and Airi offer advice to help you prepare for your Study Programme

Study Abroad Programmes in London, immersive courses with qualified and experienced teachers. We take our students to all the historic places in the city and the most interesting museums and events. Work and Study, our students can also choose to do an internship and work in the afternoons.


Work in London with The Elephant Minds Foundation

The Elephant Minds Foundation has launched its first programme of INTERNSHIPS for students! We are very grateful to Sophie and Airi who did a wonderful job. Opportunities like this help us support educational projects around the world and teach students the skills they need to embark on their future careers. Kind and generous TEAMWORK!

Students join our Team as part of their Programme in London, UK and/or Buenos Aires, Argentina. Career days and our Share your Experience luncheons are also organised with professionals of different fields who work in the city. For information on these internships please write to us at emf@elephantminds.co.uk


Language teachers be ready!

The European Day of Languages

Language teachers beware, you don’t want to miss it! It’s never too early to prepare your lessons on languages. Our students do love learning about the origins of languages, their cultural differences and all related celebrations. So, remember:

September 26 is the European Day of Languages (EDL). This has been celebrated annually since it was proclaimed on December 6, 2001 by the Council of Europe. It is a joint initiative with the European Union and seeks to promote plurilingualism to the continent’s 800 million inhabitants. It is organised with the assistance of the Council’s European Centre for Modern Languages throughout the 47 member states.