An Elephant for a Book

They send us these we send them a book! We thank all the children from the Mini Library in India who are sending us these gorgeous elephants. All part of our project An elephant for a book, by the Elephant Minds Foundation. We support the wonderful work of The Mini Library educating and inspiring children.


We are grateful for the work of our friend K M Bhai and his colleagues at the Mini Library. Thank you!


All students are artists to us! They have the capacity to learn and share their work with the world. The Elephant Minds Foundation (EMF) launches this new project to encourage and motivate students to learn and help others with their education. We invite students to draw and/or paint an elephant (or elephants) and send it to The Elephant Minds Foundation. In exchange, EMF will buy a book that will be donated in the student’s name to the school or library they are members of. Find those crayons, pencils, watercolours or any items that will help you express your unique creativity and get started! We look forward to seeing your art work any time soon.

Our Objectives

• Encourage students to learn about Elephants; their behaviour, habitats, and what these animals can teach them

• Encourage students to explore ways in which elephants and people can share space where coexistence is a challenge for both

• Encourage students to share their work and educational experiences with others around the world

• Encourage students to help others like them

• Support students so that they may achieve all of the above and leave their own kind and generous legacy by offering An elephant for a book