Rhythm and balance during the pandemic

Keep walking and never forget the ‘small’ things…

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced most of us to stay at home…New times, new challenges, and also new strategies. Let’s not forget that in every crisis there are opportunities…

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Wishing you all a peaceful and healthy Christmas. May we all be patient and present, grateful for what we have and what we are. A shadow or a light, you get to decide.

Lots of love to you
Sharing a beautiful poem by Corinna Luyken

My heart is a window,
My heart is a slide.
My heart can be closed
or opened up wide.
Some days it’s a puddle.
Some days it’s a stain.
Some days it is cloudy
and heavy with rain.
Some days it is tiny,
but tiny can grow…
and grow…
and grow.
There are days it’s a fence
between me and the world,
days it’s a whisper
that can barely be heard.
There are days it is broken,
but broken can mend,
and a heart that is closed
can still open again.
My heart is a shadow,
a light and a guide.
Closed or open…
I get to decide.

Reseña literaria del ensayo “Esclavitud” de la escritora A. A. Cufré. Por Patricia C Prada Jimenez

La autora Alcira Antonia Cufré nos lleva de la mano por las evidencias históricas de tales abusos, los cuales se han perpetrado desde el inicio mismo de la conciencia histórica que la Humanidad guarda de sí misma. Así, Cufré nos abre el camino de lo que su investigación nos irá mostrando lentamente al asegurar en la primera línea de su trabajo que “la esclavitud es tan antigua como el hombre”.

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Learning a language out of the (pandemic) box


We seem to be living new and different times that require adaptation and flexibility from all of us, learning new skills and finding ways to stay positively and constructively connected…

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Best way to learn a new language?

Do you want to learn a new language? How do you choose a learning method that is best for you? Different systems, techniques, duration and costs, a private teacher or a language school? At home or abroad?

We explore some options for you…

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Special Award 2019, Patricia C Prada Jimenez

I am honoured and deeply grateful to be the recipient of this Special Award; ‘Distinción Mujer Destacada en la Cultura 2019 y Mención Especial’…

“In recognition of your outstanding dedication through concrete actions that are beneficial and inspiring for the community. For your participation in the fight for equal opportunities and the defence of women’s human rights within the framework of cultural diversity. We appreciate your continuity in such fruitful work towards the construction of a common and collective project of friendly coexistence, peace and justice, values we strive for at the Latin American Women’s Forum. Congratulations for your valuable contribution to the transformation of the world.” LAF, December 2019

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A reading tour to Argentine Literature in 15 books

For those who arrive in Buenos Aires and wish to take home a good compilation of Argentinian literature… With a strong literary tradition, Argentina has produced some of the most famous authors in the world, which creates a small problem for those curious about which titles to address first. The following list is a journey through Argentina´s life as well as an attempt to highlight the essential titles and authors of Argentine literature…

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Patricia C Prada Jimenez, Distinción Mujer Destacada en la Cultura

Con humildad y profundo agradecimiento he recibido la DISTINCIÓN MUJER DESTACADA EN LA CULTURA 2019 y MENCIÓN ESPECIAL, otorgada por el Foro Femenino Latinoamericano.

Siempre trabajando por la Educación y la Cultura, con el apoyo de aquellos que también dedican su esfuerzo a la creación de oportunidades educativas y el desarrollo profesional para todos en Latinoamérica y el mundo entero, y especialmente desde el año 2013 con la creación de elephant Minds y la Fundación que lleva su nombre, aportando mi granito de arena… Es un honor aceptar este premio y comprometerme con aun mayor empeño a contribuir en pos de sociedades fundadas en el respeto y la igualdad de oportunidades.

Patricia C Prada Jimenez, Fundadora y Directora

elephant Minds & The Elephant Minds Foundation


Foro Femenino Latinoamericano…

Study Abroad Programmes 2020

Join us next summer and study English in UK, we take sunny days in the garden very seriously, or do we? We work hard but also have fun. Booking now for 2020; Academic English, Cambridge Exams, Business English, English for Law, Banking and Finance, Communication Skills, and much more…in London, Brighton, Oxford, Manchester… get in touch for more information or continue reading here.