Elephant Minds Foundation

elephant Minds would like to extend its work by supporting those who have limited or no access to education. We hope to encourage learning in all stages of life and to achieve this we develop our own generous Educational Programmes and collaborate with existing charitable organisations. We invite you to see some of our past and current projects.

If you share the joy and value in what we do, please consider supporting our work around the world by making a donation, becoming a sponsor, or working with us in UK, Argentina or elsewhere. If you'd like more details about our funding structure or our budgets, you may contact us at emf@elephantminds.co.uk. Donations can be made via bank transfer. If you prefer to send us a cheque please get in touch for further details.

Our objectives are:

  • to encourage education and excellence
  • to support education programmes around the world
  • to motivate and inspire
  • to cultivate curiosity and encourage learning as a lifelong practice
Together with: The University of Buckingham Supporting Overseas Schooling (UBSOS), Museo Gauchesco Curuzú, Gladys Mercedes Acevedo, Museo de Bellas Artes Osbaldo Gasparini, Museo La Recova, all my students, friends and special donors in England, Argentina, Switzerland, and around the world, Warioba's Children Centre, members of the Elephant Minds Foundation, everyone who helped us encourage education and has made all of this possible. I wish you all a wonderful 2018!
Patricia C Prada Jimenez

It seems like almost yesterday, when we started the Elephant Minds Foundation, with the aim of supporting those who have limited or no access to education, but we have actually been running since 2013! Five wonderful years where the support of our students, friends, members, and many supporters has allowed us to get involved with some incredible projects around the world. We have been especially busy over the past two years, with particular focus on our work in Argentina, India and Tanzania. Museo Evocativo y de Bellas Artes Osvaldo Gasparini, Argentina The Elephant Minds Foundation has been working closely...

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shine II - Elephant Minds