My homestay experience in London

“Many people who are thinking of studying abroad may consider homestay living with a local family. I stayed with a host family in London for 4 weeks when I arrived in London for my English studies at a local school. I would like to talk about my 4-week homestay experience.


The first advantage of a homestay is that you live and meet with English people. My host, Ms. Patricia, was very warm and so kind, she is an English teacher. She always cared about me and when we were having dinner, she asked how my day was at school. I also tried my best to speak in English every day. Surely, that helped me to improve my English. The second advantage is safety to start a new life in a new place. When I arrived there, I didn't know anything about London. She always helped me with my everyday life; how to take a bus or tube, where is a nice place to go, she explained the difference in customs and rules, etc. I could ask a little thing too. The third advantage is I could eat delicious home cooked food. She was really nice to cook with all different foods so I was happy to eat with her. She made dinner and dessert and always explained to me what the dishes were called or what they were made from. It was healthy and tasty English food or Argentinian food and she also cared about good health.


Actually, I sometimes missed Japan at first, but now I would like to stay here longer if I can. I was grateful for the experience and I was glad to stay with her. Even now I left there I keep in touch with her and we often go out with her other students.”

Airi, London 2019


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