Patricia C Prada Jimenez, Special Award 2019

“In recognition of your outstanding dedication through concrete actions that are beneficial and inspiring for the community. For your participation in the fight for equal opportunities and the defence of women’s human rights within the framework of cultural diversity.
We appreciate your continuity in such fruitful work towards the construction of a common and collective project of friendly coexistence, peace and justice, values we strive for at the Latin American Women’s Forum. Congratulations for your valuable contribution to the transformation of the world.” LAF, December 2019


I am honoured and deeply grateful to be the recipient of this Special Award; ‘Distinción Mujer Destacada en la Cultura 2019 y Mención Especial’ is awarded yearly by the Latin American Women’s Forum, with headquarters in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and a team of dedicated members in Guatemala, Ecuador, and Mexico.

I  continue working to encourage education and respect for cultural diversity, with the support of those who also dedicate their efforts to develop opportunities for everyone in Latin America and around the world, and especially since 2013, with the creation of elephant Minds and The Elephant Minds Foundation, part of a humble but genuine project to offer educational experiences to help us achieve our full potential.


Patricia C Prada Jimenez

Founder and Director

elephant Minds and The Elephant Minds Foundation


Latin American Women’s Forum

The Latin American Women’s Forum is born out of the initiative of an interdisciplinary group of women from different sectors in the city of Mar del Plata, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. They assume the responsibility of building an open space for reflection and debate, aimed at the promotion of Women’s Rights within the framework of social problems, drafting and presentation of proposals and projects, exchange of ideas and experiences, as well as training and education.

It is a women’s focused and run organisation with representations in Argentina (Mar del Plata-Founding Headquarters), Guatemala, Ecuador, Mexico, in which representatives of different cultural expressions participate; professionals such as social communicators, academics, housewives, community leaders, NGOs, and workers from all sectors, among others. The Forum favours initiatives that accompany the integral growth of women, raising awareness on the valuable contribution they have made throughout history. Within this framework, they develop actions that include an extensive range of social and cultural activities.

In the course of thirteen years of uninterrupted activity, the members of the Latin American Women’s Forum have dedicated themselves to their goals and have forged solid and genuine paths; traveling, getting involved, connecting, generating projects and ideas, participating in the multifaceted daily life of current times, working to contribute to the eradication of inequalities and violence in all its forms.

Among some of the main objectives of the organisation are:

  • Striving for unity in diversity within the framework of the different realities of Latin America
  • Promoting equal opportunities to be able to take decision making roles within spaces that legitimately correspond to women, with the primary objective of promoting actions aimed at a true social transformation within the framework of Latin American Integration
  • Establishing new policies for female participation through the deployment of the creative skills of women, as a recognition of the importance of female participation in all areas of society
  • Expanding our work in a spirit of unity, peace and social equity as the supreme ethic of coexistence


The Forum is led by Stella Maris Orosco, Founder and Executive Director, also President of Red Cultural de Mujeres Alfonsina Storni.  Email: