Airi’s Homestay Experience in London

She always cared about me and when we were having dinner, she asked how my day was at school. I also tried my best to speak in English every day. Surely, that helped me to improve my English…

My homestay experience in London

An Elephant for a Book

They send us these we send them a book! We thank all the children from the Mini Library in India who are sending us these gorgeous elephants. All part of our project An elephant for a book, by the Elephant Minds Foundation. We support the wonderful work of The Mini Library educating and inspiring children.



London and the Writers of all Times

New English Language Course with special focus on English Literature and the greatest writers in history. London has played a very important role in literature all around the world. It has always inspired literary genius such as Oscar Wilde, Daniel Defoe, George Orwell, R. L. Stevenson and Dostoyevsky, among others. This unique and immersive programme includes tuition as well as guided tours…



Londres y los grandes escritores de la historia

In English


Nuevo curso de lengua inglesa en Londres con especial foco en la literatura inglesa y los grandes escritores de la historia. Recorremos los museos, pubs, bibliotecas y casas de los más famosos literatos; poetas, ensayistas, novelistas, artistas, dramaturgos y pensadores del país.



Coming to London? We can take you anywhere!

“You find no man, at all intellectual, who is willing to leave London. No, Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.” Samuel Johnson


Gladys M Acevedo en el Museo Tagore, India para elephant Minds

Continuamos con la serie El Museo y la Educación. Gladys M Acevedo, miembro de la Fundación Elephant Minds, escribe sobre su visita el Museo de R. Tagore en India. “El templo de los sueños…En Kolkata no se puede traspasar los cuidados jardines de la casa museo del célebre poeta Rabindranath Tagore…”


NEW Blog: The English Language and International Relations

The Benefits of Learning the English Language for International Relations

Every country, regardless of its size has equal standing in the United Nations (UN). Each Member State is entitled to one vote in the General Assembly. It does not matter how influential or dependent they are and hold one another in high esteem. As an organisation composed of an estimated 193 Member States however, there needs to be an accepted form of communication. It was established that this would be facilitated in six official languages. These are: Chinese, Spanish, English, Arabic, Russian and French.


Los niños y la creatividad en los museos, por Patricia C Prada Jimenez

Desarrollo de la creatividad en los museos. ¿Que sucede cuando los niños van al museo?


An elephant for a book

We invite students to draw and/or paint an elephant (or elephants) and send it to The Elephant Minds Foundation. In exchange, EMF will buy a book that will be donated in the student’s name to the school or library they are members of. Find those crayons, pencils, watercolours or any items that will help you express your unique creativity and get started! We look forward to seeing your art work any time soon.


Our Objectives

  • Encourage students to learn about Elephants; their behaviour, habitats, and what these animals can teach them
  • Encourage students to explore ways in which elephants and people can share space where coexistence is a challenge for both
  • Encourage students to share their work and educational experiences with others around the world
  • Encourage students to help others like them
  • Support students so that they may achieve all of the above and leave their own kind and generous legacy by offering An elephant for a book


A project of The Elephant Minds Foundation

NOTE: for further information or if you wish to be on our list to receive this invitation and participate please write to us at