El museo preservador de la historia y el patrimonio

El museo es un instrumento esencial para la preservación de la historia y el patrimonio cultural de los pueblos; su rol esencial  y nuevas tareas…

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elephant Minds is delighted to cut the red ribbon on its brand-new website which now provides a more streamlined and interactive service. It is the ideal place to discover some of the extraordinary programmes that we offer, including our immersive language courses in Buenos Aires and London, alongside the various continuous professional development courses that are held in locations throughout the UK, Switzerland and Argentina.


NUEVO Rompecabezas por la educación de los niños

Amigo y miembro de la Fundación Elephant Minds, el artista argentino Nicolás Iribarne Llano, donó una hermosa imagen iconográfica del elefante que nos representa, y la hemos trasladado a este hermoso rompecabezas (puzzle) de 16 piezas. El 100% de las ganancias obtenidas serán donados a la Fundación para uso exclusivo en los programas de apoyo a la educación para los niños que más lo necesitan. La Fundación…


The Elephant Minds Foundation continues its work

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It seems like almost yesterday, when we started the Elephant Minds Foundation, with the aim of supporting those who have limited or no access to education, but we have actually been running since 2013! Five wonderful years where the support of our students, friends, members, and many supporters has allowed us to get involved with some incredible projects around the world. We have been especially busy over the past two years, with particular focus on our work in Argentina, India and Tanzania.


Courses We Run

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elephant Minds runs a variety of English language and skills programmes throughout the year, intensive international exam preparation courses, professional development, university preparation courses, and English for specific purposes including subjects such as Business, Legal and Financial English, Politics, History, and Culture. We wish to offer the courses that you need for your personal and professional development. What better place to learn English than England, or Spanish in Argentina and with caring and professional teachers who will help you to become the very best that you can be.


New Immersion Programmes in Argentina!

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elephant Minds has always believed in the value of immersive language learning, as it offers a multitude of opportunities to engage with the language that you are learning. When you go to a shop, meet new people or speak with your host family in a foreign country you actively learn about your chosen subject and give yourself real world opportunities to learn the new language. The benefits of this are manifold and these combined with your caring and responsible elephant Minds teacher will allow you to progress very quickly with your studies. We currently offer immersive language courses in London and Buenos Aires, allowing students to learn two of the most spoken languages in the world.


¿Es el museo un lugar de aprendizaje? By Patricia C Prada Jimenez

El Museo y la Educación

El nuevo rol docente del Museo de nuestros tiempos

Los museos, desde su origen, fueron considerados lugares elitistas de colección, almacén y exposición de objetos valiosos, destinados a ser, mayormente, para la contemplación de algunos pocos. Sólo para entendidos y expertos en la materia del objeto coleccionado y custodiado por los museos.

elephantastic NEWS!

elephant Minds is excited to announce the upcoming launch of a new website which will have a number of innovative features that will allow us to provide an enhanced service to our users.


Gift for the Elephant Minds Foundation

This original drawing is by artist José Midzraji, who has recently exhibited his work at Museo Gauchesco Curuzú. The elephants’ piece is part of his latest animal series.

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Artist Nicolás Iribarne Llano donates work to The Elephant Minds Foundation

This drawing of the gentle giant was the first surprise we received from Nico a few months ago. He’d told us to wait for yet another which arrived recently. What a surprise it was! The same piece is now a vibrant watercolour painted by the artist.

Nico lives and works in Corrientes, Argentina and is a Voluntary Member of The Elephant Minds Foundation. You will find more information about the artist here. Other works by the artist at El arte ligado a la naturaleza.