Translating Curuzú , a novel by Gladys Mercedes Acevedo

“A novel in which love, betrayal, the War of the Triple Alliance and ingrown persecution lead Curuzú to an inevitable end.”

Known as El gauchito Gil,“he was a Gaucho whose healing powers transcended beyond the borders of the small town of Pay Ubre”. As a child his secret took him to the mythic Esteros del Iberá in search of answers, armed only with a wooden cross. From then on this world of fantasy and supernatural would mould his essence. It will teach him to see the invisible, to read the hidden signs, even those of his own approaching death. He would take from the rich to help the poor and on his way he would find himself surprised with the love of Estrella Díaz, the rich widow from Miraflores. Between them would come not only the widow’s father but also the frightful sheriff Juan de la Cruz Salazar, also after the same love.

Every year on January 8th thousands of devoted followers gather to celebrate the life of the gauchito Gil in his sanctuary in Mercedes. The air fills with given and offered promises and the spirit of those who trust the powers of one whose miracles are still truly believed. The author is herself an avid supporter of the growing importance of Gaucho Gil’s memory in Argentina and around the world. She hopes that by offering her stories more will learn about the mystery and mastery of this so often called Saint.

I am the Iberá
Salvador, Chamigo
War of the Triple Alliance
The Order I
The Order II

Trailer of the novel Curuzú