Supporting children in Tanzania

"I am a Tanzanian living in the city of Arusha. I came to realize that many children in our community and in the world are suffering a lot. Some are orphans, others come from poor families and others are street children. I decided to establish a junior school and a home for these innocent children .Since 2016, when I started in early January I have welcomed 35 children. We have been facing lots of challenges, some being insufficient food, clothes, shelter and school supplies…" Warioba N Rioba
Warioba is building new classrooms in his own home so that these children can enjoy their daily lessons with the right facilities. The new rooms need the roof, doors and windows. With £82 (U$108) they can buy the doors, with £93 (U$121) they can buy the windows, and with £205 (U$269) they can buy the timber and other material needed for the roof and hire the builders to do all the work. If you want to be part of this and support Warioba's work please do get in touch with us or send your contribution and Help us Help others. Thank you for your support!