Student Societies, by Roxanne Amihere

Are you in or out?

Today I’m talking about student societies and its effect on law students.

It’s funny how your association with a particular club, fraternity or organization immediately determines the type of person you are, we hate to admit it but from famous American high school movies and dramas you can recall the ditzy blondes joining the cheerleading team, nerds (really smart guys) joined the chess club and the athletic guys joined the football team.

Interestingly enough, law school has a completely different take on this- Joining a particular group, organization or fraternity not only identifies who you are, it boosts your curriculum vitae, the opportunity to prove that you have the leadership, team work and networking skills that many law firms are looking for. So back in high school when it was ‘social suicide’ to join a club of any academic persuasion, it’s now the ‘in’ thing to join the Law Society, shows your interest in law and leadership skills. Amnesty, a flair for international issues and the Student Union, enhances interpersonal skills.

Now, joining a student society gives you a ‘befitting’ social status as a law student much like when you turn on the TV and realise the kids in Glee and High School Musical are cool.

I’m glad perceptions towards academic student societies are changing for the better.

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