English Language for Further Studies, by Patricia C Prada Jimenez

Open yourself up to a world of new possibilities. Knowing the English language can create a bridge to establish connections for further education through social media platforms. You could also better position yourself to join some online courses whether paid or even free! There is a rich and diverse culture, a world of infinite possibilities waiting for you through the English language. Start tapping into it by discovering how to better use its specific vocabulary and learning what these concepts mean.

Master’s degree

You may have already graduated from an excellent university from your home country but feel the need to pursue further studies. There are many different paths that you can choose to achieve this. Why not consider taking them in an English-speaking country such as the UK or the USA? Millions of people do! Each of these countries has internationally recognised learning institutions that could help your career prospects in the future. The UK has Oxford, Warwick and Cambridge for example. On the other hand, the USA has Harvard, Princeton and Yale. These are just some of the many educational organisations willing to take international students.

Beyond these countries there are also Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the Republic of Ireland. Each have reputable Master’s degree programmes of their own. Remember these can help you achieve gainful employment with top companies around the world and perhaps be considered for government positions, were this your choice. You can give yourself the chance to access a brighter future by learning more about the English language. Note that there are other benefits to studying in an English-speaking country aside from international recognition.

Some of these are the following:

  • A more diverse student population
  • Scholarship and student aid programmes
  • Richer selection of Master’s courses
  • More experienced teaching staff
  • New cultures to learn about

Online education websites

Not everyone may have the chance to go to UK or USA and study at their famed universities. You may already have established yourself in your home country and might have difficulty uprooting your family for your studies. It should not dissuade you however from improving your skills in the English language. There is a wealth of learning options also available for you through Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC).

Coursera is one of the top MOOCs today which was founded by professors from Stanford University. They are partnered with other top learning institutions around the world such as the University of London, Princeton University, and Yale University. Harvard has its own MOOC called EDx, which has also gained massive support throughout the years. You have a chance to select from a multitude of courses from your chosen field of study. On top of this, you also have an opportunity to earn a certificate of completion. Their method of instruction is in English. Therefore, consider it a good idea to invest some time and effort in learning the language to benefit from these online resources.

Social media platforms and employment

It is undeniable that we are living in a rapidly growing online culture. There are plenty social as well as employment opportunities because of it. Renowned linguist David Crystal views the Internet as not only transforming the nature of communication but also its main tool: language. He calls this ‘Electronically Mediated Communication (EMC)’. It is used in the various messaging applications online be it email, social media or chat rooms.

These forms of communication are generally manipulations of the English language which form the base of some types of EMC. It would work to your advantage to learn about it in order to keep up to date with any online developments in the future. This will also allow you to interact with new acquaintances through top social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They could possibly recommend job opportunities to you in their home countries should you inquire about it to them. Knowledge of the English language can also help you create a LinkedIn profile so that international employers can access your profile with your employment experience.

The possibilities for you to succeed in finding good education online and broaden your contacts base is increased through the English language. Why not find out where it can take you by learning more about it today? Contact us at info@elephantminds.co.uk so we can help you find what you need and tell you all about our programmes.


Patricia C Prada Jimenez and the Blogs Team


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