Argentina in UK

Felicitas’ unforgettable experience!

Before going to England, I considered myself a little shy and I was very scared of possible challenges that I could experience there and not like at all. However, the moment I stepped on that plane, everything changed. I was feeling capable of making a new life experience by myself and develop new skills to grow as a person. I knew that it was going to be difficult but, instead of being sad, I decided to be strong and take it as a new challenge. When I arrived in England, everyone was very kind and received me very well. Of course, the first day was one of the hardest. But with the passage of time, I was able to have a great time. I made new friends from different parts of the world, improved my English and especially my listening skills. With my new friends, I had the opportunity of visiting new places such as London, Oxford, Brighton, and a lot more famous and historic sites in England. This became a memorable part of the trip and I learned to travel independently in large cities.

One other very important learning experience that I will never forget about this student program was the intensive course I took in Fashion and Textiles. The school I went to, Chichester College, provided students with different study programs for them to choose from according to their interests. I took the one on fashion because I have a real interest in it. This course opened my mind in ways that I hadn’t imagined. They taught me a variety of techniques on textiles and the history of all the greatest designers and designs. Thanks to this, I became even more interested in the area than before.

Nowadays, I’m looking forward to having another great experience such as this one to learn about new things and cultures. I’m never going to forget this adventure and the amazing people who helped me make this trip possible and brave the difficulties that it presented.

I really recommend this study abroad experience and I’m very grateful that I had the chance to live it this way.

Felicitas Barbero Valencia, Argentina 2023


“We are very proud of Felicitas and what she has achieved during her 3-month elephant Minds Study Abroad Programme. It was a joy to share this memorable journey with her. We are also very grateful to Felicitas’ parents, Diego and Gabriela, for their trust. We’ll miss you Feli and hope you will come back soon again.”

Patricia C. Prada Jimenez


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