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From a letter to my friends…

Dec 2015

“I would like to briefly share with you a beautiful and enriching experience I had recently in London. I spent a weekend in the company of kind, generous, caring, and loving people from all parts of the world. It started with a day of mindfulness, sharing and meditation with my beautiful Sangha in London and it ended with a whole day of all these and much more LOVE from Nipun Mehta and Satish Kumar. I can’t tell you how touched and deeply grateful I am.

Nipun has started a kindness movement which is spreading all over the world; ‘small acts with great love’ are carried out by those who want to ‘be the change’; ‘Change Yourself, Change the World’…AND Satish-ji is a great example of commitment and compassion for all. He told us many a story of his over 2-year’s journey walking around the world with the sole purpose of bringing peace. Good lessons on love and trust…

I would like to invite you to see the work of Nipun and Satish-ji. These are some of the many wonderful talks and presentations available online and the ServiceSpace website. I do hope it will also INSPIRE YOU.”

Patricia C Prada Jimenez


Photos courtesy of Pramal Lad, Trishna Shah & the Author