The Elephant Minds Foundation welcomes new Member

It’s not every day that we come across individuals whose body of work transcends the norm and resonates with historical significance, while at the same time whose work cares so deeply about others.

The Elephant Minds Foundation (EMF) however is fortunate enough to regularly collaborate with such distinguished human beings. On this occasion, there is one special individual which we would like to give recognition to. Therefore we announce, with great pride, that esteemed writer, poet and researcher Alcira Antonia Cufré is our new Honorary Advisory Member.

Alcira lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, having been born in the beautiful city of La Plata. She comes from a rich heritage of French, Italian, French Basque, Spanish and Canadian immigrants. This multicultural background sparked her love for writing at a young age. She took note of family gatherings, meals, customs and unique experiences that captured her imagination. The biggest influence in her life however was her French grandmother. Sunday get-togethers at her home, where relatives and politicians would regularly visit, was where Alicira would first participate in theater-like performances and recite poetry. These cherished moments along with the love she had for her grandmother pulled her to dive deeper into the studies of her ancestry. This formed a solid foundation when creating her celebrated and ongoing body of work on immigration in Argentina and its peoples’ histories.

Alcira has written numerous poems and seven books. Three of these were declared a matter of “Cultural Interest” by the Honorable Chamber of Senators of the city of La Plata. She also received a “Sash of Honor” from the province of Buenos Aires. These books on Immigrants in Argentina Volumes I, II and III recount the plight of various families of European descent and their immigration to the southern country.


Among her other numerous accolades are:

2013: VIP Golden Faro Award, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2013: First International Prize for the poem “Los Puertos”, Abruzzo, Molisse, Italy

2017: First International Prize for the poem “Immigrant Nostalgia”, Sant´Anna di Ortona, Abruzzo, Italy

2018: Declared Outstanding Personality by the city of La Plata

2019: National Silver Gaviota Statue Award in Literature

2019: National Golden Obelisk Award


What a true honour it is to have Alcira join our team! We admire her values and the trajectory of her work. We look forward to working together, especially on EMF projects which support the education of children around the world and the recognition of the written word as an inherent value of all nations. We hope to inspire together and build bridges across cultures which can learn from each other.

“Dear Patricia, the joy of having met you still remains with me, and I am deeply touched that the Universe brought us together to celebrate my birthday at the beautiful and historic Confitería Los Molinos, in the city of Buenos Aires. An afternoon went by reading poems and stories together, enjoying a delicious traditional tea. It was such a joy to talk to you. It is a true honour to now receive such wonderful news; being invited to be Honorary Advisory member of the Elephant Minds Foundation. I already have ideas to work together to help ensure that the written language in all countries is not lost. It is a symbol of our idiosyncrasy and cultural values which allows us to achieve universal skills and connection with one another, doing good around the world so that peace prevails. Thank you very much, with all my heart.” Alcira A. Cufré, Bs. As. Argentina, July 2022.


The EMF is also very proud to support Alcira, and others like her, who do such important work to preserve our heritage and culture, wherever we are and in any way we can. If you wish to participate, do get in touch with us at


Reseña literaria del ensayo “Esclavitud”, de la escritora Alcira Antonia Cufré. Por Patricia C Prada Jimenez

War, Education and the Immigrants Museum in Argentina, by Alcira Antonia Cufré

La guerra, la Educación y el Museo de los Inmigrantes en Argentina, por Alcira Antonia Cufré

Biografía de Alcira Antonia Cufré