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Poet laureate Jorge Luis Borges shared; 'My first encounter was chance, the second one was mere confirmation'. If at all by chance at first there is no doubt any visitor would want to come for more.

Buckingham Minds

Welcome to a very special place. Buckingham Minds runs its successful series of skills training and language courses every year. See our News section for further details or contact us any time.

About Buckingham

Buckingham town is believed to have acquired its name from the first Germanic settlers. These were ‘Bucca’s people’, Anglo Saxons who lived in what was then a very small village by the river Ouse; The ‘meadow of Bucca’s people’. The name first appears in the Anglo Saxon Chronicle in AD 915. In the tenth Century the town was made the capital of the newly created shire of Buckingham.

Buckingham was granted the Royal Charter by King Charles II in 1684 and described as “The Loyal and Ancient Borough of Buckingham”. This idyllic and historic market town is over fourteen hundred years old and holds a fascinating history. From Great Fires, Civil War, Famine, Black Death, and huge losses during World War I to splendid royal visits, thriving commerce and exquisite landscape gardens, Buckingham has seen it all.

Home to elite schools, a wonderful community, and the United Kingdom’s only independent university, Buckingham is undoubtedly a place for elephant Minds.


*We invite anyone interested in Buckingham’s captivating history to read John Clarke’s work The Book of Buckingham.