Do you wish to learn English or Spanish Online?

elephant Minds has a team of professional English and Spanish Language teachers to help you develop your skills via Skype as well. Our e-Learning Programmes allow you to study from your home or office, wherever you are.


  • Flexible and Affordable: Improve your English wherever you are whenever you want. Choose when you would like to have your lesson from the comfort of your own home. You can book a single lesson or an entire course.
  • One-on-One Conversation: Increase your fluency and build your confidence. Our dynamic courses allow you to have focused, lively and enjoyable lessons directly with our tutors. Benefit from their years of experience teaching students from all over the world.
  • Customised Programmes: Select from a wide range of courses to suit your specific needs. You can mix and match these options to help you learn English or Spanish at your own pace. Each lesson will be delivered with emphasis on quality Education and Excellence.


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Discover how learners from all over the world are able to practise their language skills. All lessons are delivered by an experienced and qualified private tutor. Find out how you can develop your fluency and communication skills. Registering will allow you to have a free consultation and inquire about all elephant Minds. This will give you the opportunity to ask about all our programmes and how our booking system works.


Easy three-step process:


1)    Select the programme you feel is most suitable for you

2)    Agree to the language teacher to guide you on your learning path

3)    Pick the dates and times when you would like to have your lessons


The free trial lesson will give you a chance to get a feel for the elephant Minds process. At the same time, it will allow us to assess your level of proficiency. This will provide us with a good starting point to determine which areas you need most improvement on.


Experienced and qualified

Our elephant Minds tutors have a wealth of combined knowledge and expertise in the education industry. Take advantage of internationally accessible programmes that have allowed our learners to acquire better language skills in different parts of the world. Open yourself to more opportunities by learning with elephant Minds.


Here are some courses to select from under our e-Learning programmes:

●      Effective Communication skills
●      Effective Presentations
●      Leadership
●      Argue & Debate
●      Study & Learning Skills
●      Business English
●      Employability Skills
●      CVs & Applications
●      Exam techniques
●      Effective Online Research
●      Spanish for Business
●      Interviewers Vs Interviewees
●      American Vs British English
●      Cultural Awareness in Business
●      Legal English


Make the Internet work to your advantage




*Note: subject to teachers’ availability. You will be under no obligation to continue after your free lesson. Payment details will only be requested should you decide to proceed further with any of  our programmes.