Here it is!

elephant Minds is delighted to cut the red ribbon on its brand-new website which now provides a more streamlined and interactive service. It is the ideal place to discover some of the extraordinary programmes that we offer, including our immersive language courses in Buenos Aires and London, alongside the various continuous professional development courses that are held in locations throughout the UK, Switzerland and Argentina.

German philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein once wrote “the limit of my language is the limit of my world” and we do agree with this: by learning a new language we expand our horizons and give ourselves the opportunity to think new thoughts. We also see an intrinsic link between language and culture, which is why we put each and every one of our students in a position where they can soak up as much of the local culture as possible, be it via the homestay families that they stay with, the cultural trips that we take them on or on the language courses themselves. We believe in educational experiences and the pursuit of excellence and we want to help our customers to grow and improve in every way that we can.

We are also delighted to announce that we are opening our first online shop, offering friends and members the opportunity to purchase our elephant t-shirts, elephant fun puzzles and much, much more. Our Elephant Minds Foundation continues to grow from strength to strength and we are greatly indebted to the many friends and members who have allowed us to encourage educational experiences in communities where schooling is a challenge. Our new website will allow you to get even more involved in this important work and see the fantastic results that your generosity brings. We are confident that with your constant support, we can continue making a difference in the lives of many.

elephant Minds passionately believes in all the wonderful programmes that we offer, we invite you to check out our Facebook Page, where you can meet all Minds involved and learn more about our work; sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest news; and explore the new website. We’re confident that you will love it just as much as we do. Every organisation is only as good as the people who take part in it and we are infinitely thankful to each and every one of our many wonderful friends, members and supporters. Your commitment to our work has allowed us to grow and improve and we have so many exciting things coming up… so… watch this space.