Wishing you all a peaceful and healthy Christmas. May we all be patient and present, grateful for what we have and what we are. A shadow or a light, you get to decide.

Lots of love to you
Sharing a beautiful poem by Corinna Luyken

My heart is a window,
My heart is a slide.
My heart can be closed
or opened up wide.
Some days it’s a puddle.
Some days it’s a stain.
Some days it is cloudy
and heavy with rain.
Some days it is tiny,
but tiny can grow…
and grow…
and grow.
There are days it’s a fence
between me and the world,
days it’s a whisper
that can barely be heard.
There are days it is broken,
but broken can mend,
and a heart that is closed
can still open again.
My heart is a shadow,
a light and a guide.
Closed or open…
I get to decide.