London Courts, by Roxanne Amihere

My first experience with the court of law was as a member of the University Law Society.

We were scheduled to visit The Supreme Court and Royal Courts of Justice.

When you visit London the atmosphere is different, you find yourself engulfed with the sights and sounds. You feel the city walking a brisk pace.

As we reached the embankment and started to see the Honorable Societies of Law, the stern edifices of law firms, corporations and historical monuments, I felt a renewed sense of purpose.

Visiting the Royal Courts of Justice, we were ushered in by porters who gave us the inside scoop of cases that would be interesting to see. I found it quite intriguing to follow a case of a man being charged for intellectual property theft that amounted to £500,000 and even more intrigued to find that barristers still wore white wigs to court!

The Supreme Court was an interesting blend of old and new; the building had a traditional English exterior but inside cameras had been fitted in the halls to produce courtroom proceedings on television screens with a live news link.

It was amazing following a case for unlawful possession of the original Star Wars ‘Darth Vader’.

The prop had been featured for sale on eBay for £2,000 which later escalated to 2 million!

We were then given a historical tour of Inner Temple, learning that the Inn’s courtyard had been used for the film ‘Da Vinci Code’ in the search to find the Holy Grail in London.

Lunch at an Italian restaurant was the perfect opportunity to unwind and recollect the day not to mention the culinary delights of Bolognese, tiramisú and red wine!

Not bad for a day in the life of a barrister, watch this space for more courtroom drama!

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