Great News!

It was only natural to feel I had to help these beautiful children. Looking at their smiling faces amidst their circumstances, how could anyone deny them the possibility of a happy future. They deserve this and more…

In June I got in touch with Warioba, a kind and caring teacher, who has been providing for these children these children in Arusha, Tanzania since 2016. He shared his concerns about the lack of resources and their need for proper education. He was determined to help them and he continues to do so. He has not only offered his own home to be the Day and Care Centre but also works tiredlessly reaching out to people and organisations who may help him expand and get all the supplies he needs to build, among other spaces for the school, the classrooms, library and toilets. After talking to Warioba many times, virtually visiting the facilities and spending some much valued time with the kids I was determined to help them too. I had to find a way to raise some funds and continue to make these children’s education possible.

The Elephant Minds Foundation aims to support those who have limited or no access to education. We believe encouraging learning in all stages of life is important. And what can be more important than providing poor, marginalised and often street children the possibility of a healthy and prosperous future? This is why I also reached out to friends, colleagues and family to tell Warioba’s story and asked for help. The result? Well, these pictures speak for themselves. Happy faces all around and, what’s most important, work is under way! In less than 3 days after receiving the funds Warioba and his team are busy at work making it all happen.

I hope this will only be the beginning of many projects to support the School’s improvements. In the meantime, we will keep you updated on progress and hope that you are as delighted and grateful as I am.

“We cannot tell you how thankful we are for you and what you have done to help us. Thank you for giving us a shoulder when we could not support ourselves. How can we ever thank you enough for all you’ve done? God bless you, your respected team, friends and family.” Warioba (Warioba’s Children Helping Centre and Day Care, Arusha, Tanzania)

Patricia C. Prada Jimenez