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 “My first encounter was chance, the second one was mere confirmation”. JLB


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World Heritage and “land of three suns”.


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We invite you to explore some of the wonderful opportunities that this country has to offer.


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“Here I found my place in the world”.


Minds encouraging education and excellence

Elephant Minds encourages the pursuit of Education and Excellence. Our main goal is to support the development of both for anyone who aspires to succeed in their individual and their professional lives.

We believe in Education as a way of learning, not only by acquiring information. It is learning to learn that we best prepare for the future; knowledge and the development of intellectual and practical professional skills which through effective educational experiences will affect the way we think, feel and act. We also seek Excellence as an attitude, aspiring to be the best we can be and achieving our full potential.

We would like to share with you some of the means by which we believe this is possible. Join us through our research, travels, languages, training, special events, blogs, and reviews & publications. Be part of Open Minds or support the Elephant Minds Foundation on its work to help promote further educational experiences. In any way you may choose we hope Our Minds can help and we will be working with you soon.

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